About Us

Who We Are


We built Engicon into the engineering powerhouse it is today trusting a promising future would soon be upon us. That future has arrived and we are quite content with having participated in it.

Since our inception in 1988, Engicon’s founders conceived a house of engineering expertise that can grow into a force of progress within its community and beyond. Looking back, we realize how this vision has endured and grown. Today, the high quality levels we attain in our everyday consulting and our leading expertise in a diverse spectrum of services have become our calling card.

Our management and human resources, collective expertise and technical know-how, and service and support systems integrate seamlessly into a single enterprise focused on deploying ideal solutions. As a client-focused multidisciplinary engineering consultant, we intently listen and establish close dialogue with clients to fully understand and appreciate their vision and special requirements.

Our reputation was gradually built on customizing solutions for unique projects and challenging environments. The services we offer today were developed through hundreds of engineering projects across a diverse client base.

Engicon today commands a remarkable capacity for high efficiency and cost performance. The company’s numerous accomplishments invited regional interest in our capacity for managing even the largest and most complex projects. Engicon now operates in different countries, including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, and Kazakhstan.

A Force for Progress

We started with a dream: to grow into a force of progress for our community and beyond. Looking back now, we realize how this vision endured and grew.

The high quality levels we reach in our project-to-project basis, coupled with accumulative leading expertise in a diverse spectrum of services, has become our calling card. We intently listen and establish close dialogue with clients to fully understand and appreciate their vision and special requirements.

The start of this decade has ushered fundamental development across all economic sectors in the Arab world. This brave new spirit has fuelled a substantial demand for highly capable and diverse engineering expertise. Our enviable list of accomplishments has invited interest in our capability to manage even the largest and most complex projects.

Through hard work and strategic planning we have secured the trust of some of the best international and regional engineering partners and affiliates, and won the respect of many demanding clients in the region.

Environmental Policy

Engicon adopts and implements environmentally sensitive policies throughout its service provisions and project phases. Our business approach is to incorporate innovative solutions that address the challenges of maximizing a project’s productivity without increasing the cost to the environment.

Our services are conducted with the highest levels of integrity, and we implement ethical principles throughout our work. Our corporate culture promotes total adherence to established domestic environmental guidelines and laws. We also guide our employees toward establishing better understanding and appreciation of the social customs in the countries we operate in.

The landscape of engineering today consists of an abundance of challenges, including reducing the cost of construction, operations, and maintenance, while at the same time complying with stringent guidelines and increasing the project's productivity and sustainability. As a resourceful enterprise, Engicon has helped clients achieve these seemingly conflicting objectives, thus rewarding them with higher return on their investment.