Engicon's environmental practice covers a wide variety of services related to environmental studies and engineering that benefit both the public and private sectors. The services provided cover the entire project implementation cycle from project concept development and feasibility studies to detailed design, contract documents preparation, and construction supervision and management. Engicon is also involved in the preparation of strategies, policies, and operation and maintenance manuals, in addition to specialized training related to environmental services.

We help our clients protect local communities from pollution by proper planning, management, and engineering of aspects that can have detrimental impacts, such as solid and liquid wastes, gas emissions, or old contaminated sites that may need restoration or redevelopment. Engicon's involvement ensures environmental compliance from the project initiation phase through operation and closure in addition to site restoration and rehabilitation when needed.

Environmental services we provide include:

  • Environment and social impact assessments (ESIAs)
  • Environmental management
  • Municipal solid waste planning and facilities engineering
  • Wastewater treatment plant sludge management
  • Hazardous and industrial waste management
  • Climate change and carbon footprint studies

Sample Projects

Gaza Solid Waste Management Project

Gaza Solid Waste Management Project

Country: Palestine
Client: Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF)
Year Completed: 2018

This project involved the re-design and construction supervision of a solid waste management facility in Gaza funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The redesigned facility was a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill with a 20-year capacity. It included 4 lined MSW cells (with 5-year capacity each), leachate treatment and management facilities, a recycling/composting area, a central site office, and a large warehouse and vehicle maintenance area, in addition to access roads and various infrastructure components. Engicon's role included developing the design drawings and tender documents for the landfill and associated infrastructure and buildings, in addition to being the supervision team leaders. Engicon was also responsible for capacity building of the client staff to ensure proper handover after construction

Support to Solid Waste Management to Jordanian Communities - Ekeder Disposal Facility

Support to Solid Waste Management to Jordanian Communities - Ekeder Disposal Facility

Country: Jordan
Year Completed: 2018

Engicon has worked on a number of studies and design projects within Ekeder including:

  • The remediation of the Ekeder liquid lagoons project which included detailed environmental testing of the liquids and sediments in the lagoons in addition to laboratory treatability studies. This USAID-funded project included a feasibility study for site remediation in addition to remediation design and tender documents.
  • Preparation of design and tender documents for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) emergency cell 1, also funded by USAID.
  • Preparation of design and tender documents for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) emergency cell, funded by GIZ. The project also included developing a site operation manual to be used during the operation phase of the cell.