Our Services

Public Buildings

Our clients hire us because we design inside out. We begin by demonstrating a thorough understanding of the required processes. Spaces are designed for optimum end use. Functionalism is our guiding principle.

Whether it is a mall, an office building, a courthouse, a financial center, an administrative building, or a ministry, our team invests time and effort in first understanding the nature of the ‘business’ that is to be run. This process involves from day one not only planners and architects, but also electrical, mechanical and structural engineers. This cohesive team approach has differentiated us, and it is why clients come back to us again and again.

Public Buildings services we provide include:

  • Architecture, structural, and MEP design
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Interior design
  • Green & sustainability consulting
  • Landscape design
  • Facility management manuals and guidelines

Sample Projects

Design and Supervision of First Insurance Company Headquarters Building

Design and Supervision of First Insurance Company Headquarters Building

Country: Jordan
Client: First Insurance Company
Year Completed: 2020

The first insurance building is an atypical building; major dynamic spaces like the auditorium and the cafeteria are exposed to the outside and are linked together by a series of external stairs and slabs. These slabs and stairs are accentuated by a perforated metallic mesh in contrast with the main building’s austere fair face walls. Floor to ceiling glass windows follow a logic of their own and offer unobstructed views to the surrounding areas.

The Jordanian Green Buildings Guide, and the Energy Saving Building Code, has been adopted in Electro-Mechanical and Architectural design to improve the environmental sustainability of the building, improve the performance, comfort and save on operating and maintenance costs.

King Hussein Business Park – Infill Buildings [0A1-5]

King Hussein Business Park – Infill Buildings [0A1-5]

Country: Jordan
Client: Business Park Company
Year Completed: 2021

The project comprises five office buildings within the current Business Park boundaries. The offices are divided by a street into two groups, three buildings on one side and two on the other. However, each group of buildings has shared basements beneath. The total built-up area of the projects is around 38,000 m2.

The new design marks a break with the existing building and propose a new working space environment that embodies the client vision to expand beyond the actual boundaries.

The design concentrated on integrating the new buildings with the existing fabric but under an updated image. Also, a podium was created at ground floor level to host the office buildings and provide a generous plaza and urban corridors that connect the pedestrian routes in the site and encourages the connection between the existing and new buildings.