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Transportation & Roads

Transportation has become one of the major challenges in the MENA region. With demand on the rise, there is an increasing need for robust, sustainable transportation solutions—be they new infrastructure or smarter systems, urban mobility solutions or intercity highways.

Engicon has accumulated an impressive backlog of competitive projects and specialized expertise in the various facets of transportation engineering and planning. Our innovative and tested solutions for this sector position us to be among the best.

Our experts have worked at different scales, from planning a national highway network to designing an intersection and from planning a road hierarchy for a mixed use development down to completing the detailed design of the various pavement layers.

We have also operated in various settings, designing highways that traverse deserts, ranges, and canyons and interchanges for a BRT system in a complex urban environment.

Transportation and Roads services we provide include:

  • Highways, bridges, underpasses, and complex interchanges
  • Geometric and pavement design
  • Stormwater drainage design and hydrological studies
  • Geotechnical engineering and soil stabilization
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Transportation planning studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction management and supervision

Sample Projects

Amman BRT Design Services

Amman BRT Design Services

Country: Jordan
Client: Steer Group for the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)
Year Completed: 2018

Engicon was assigned to provide engineering design services for two sections along the Amman BRT network: the intersection at Press Tunnel and the BRT running way at Omar Matar Street. The first was constructed and inaugurated in October 2018, and construction on the second began in early 2019.

Press Tunnel:  Along Press Tunnel (Nafaq Al-Sahafa). BRT buses will run on a 600-meter segregated, raised structure on the center of Queen Rania Street, over the traffic in the Press Tunnel. At the intersection itself, the BRT running way will be located at-grade.
Engicon carried out the detailed design and tender documents for the construction of the prestressed bridge for BRT, civil works including roads, storm and sewerage pipe lines, lighting works, detouring, and shoring works.

Omar Matar St.: This section included two bus lanes running along 1.5 km on the middle of Omar Matar Street in the Ras Al-Ein area, adjacent to the Greater Amman Municipality complex. It also included improvements to both ends of the street, with an adjusted layout for the western intersection (connecting to the third circle and Princess Basma Street) and the eastern intersection (Fountain Square), which represents a terminus for the BRT. Engicon carried out the detailed design and tender documents for all disciplines along this corridor.

Food Security Facilities, Contract No. NPP/0085

Food Security Facilities, Contract No. NPP/0085

Country: Qatar
Client: APG Qatar – AGROTEC S.p.A
Year Completed: 2019

The New Port Project is a megaproject for the State of Qatar comprised of the new commercial Hamad Port, Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base and Qatar Economic Zone 3 canal. Located approximately 25 kilometres south of Doha, the New Port Project occupies an area of 28.5 square kilometres of excavated and reclaimed lands.

The construction of Hamad Port is well advanced, with utilities, road corridors and operational areas in place. Design and Construction work associated with the Strategic Food Security Facility must take account of the existing infrastructure and operational and security activities so that there is no disruption to these provisions, arrangements and activities.

Utility and road capacities that are required for this facility shall be such that the existing infrastructure can be extended, or else provision of additional capacity shall be provided by the Contractor. The design of the facility shall take into account the possibility of additional throughput which will necessitate a Stage 2 of the Strategic Food Storage Facility. 

The Strategic Food Security Facility (SFSF) at Hamad Port will support the Qatar National Food Security Programme, as a fully functional stand-alone Terminal, by providing, as a minimum, capacity for the handling, storage, re-loading and transportation of edible bulk and palletised edible commodities, including but not limited to rice, sugars and edible oils. The Facility shall be comprised of bulk storage silos and/or warehouses with minimum 2-year storage for 3 million population capacities of each.

Engicon is tasked to provide the complete design services for infrastructure.