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Urban Development

Mixed-use developments and housing projects are being utilized as terrains to test new ideas and create innovative urban spaces that respond better to today’s needs. Embarking on these large-scale projects requires an extensive knowledge in the history and context. On the one hand, architects must be exposed to the city and its behavior, inhabitants, and socio-economic forces, and on the other, planners should be able to use different typologies, tweak them, and provide them with a new raison d'être.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise at Engicon allows us to tackle complex situations and offer genuine solutions. As a team that includes architects, urban designers, and engineers, our capacity to utilize both top-down and bottom-up approaches, depending on the circumstances, puts us in the lead position to deliver unique projects.

We have long-standing experience in leading multi-national consortiums and in dealing with public authorities and governmental bodies, and we’ve been involved in designing some of the most high-profile developments in the MENA region

Urban Development services we provide include:

  • Urban planning
  • Architecture design
  • Infrastructure design (roads, wet and dry utilities, etc.)
  • Environmental impact assessments and environmental management
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Solid waste Management
  • Irrigation and drainage engineering
  • Landscape design

Sample Projects

Participatory Green Infrastructure Project

Participatory Green Infrastructure Project

Country: Jordan
Client: GIZ/Greater Amman Municipality
Year Completed: 2020

The project aims to improve living conditions in three disadvantaged areas by developing green infrastructure networks in East Amman. The approach included a participatory design process where the sites’ users were engaged to decide on and design the open spaces.

Our team also tailored a complementary training program for GAM. A publication that highlights the importance of green infrastructure networks is due at the end of the project.

Urban Development for the Ministry of Housing

Urban Development for the Ministry of Housing

Country: Saudi Arabia
Client: Ministry of Housing
Year Completed: 2019

As housing is becoming a key challenge in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Housing has embarked on an expansive program to develop large areas of government land in which private citizens could invest and own estates real estate. This comes in line with the Kingdom’s ambitious economic development plans and its vision for 2030.

Engicon is proud to have participated in this ambitious national program. We were contracted by Saudi Arabia Parsons International to design infrastructure for areas exceeding 60 million square meters in Dammam, Jedda, and Makkah, among other locations.

Our scope included all wet and dry utilities, including waste water treatment plants, landscaping, road design, and carrying out comprehensive traffic impact assessments.