To achieve quality in operations and management solutions in our international markets, Engicon established Engicon O+M ( in 2007. The subsidiary’s mission is to leverage the rich resources and skillsets at Engicon.

Engicon O+M’s impact has been most evident in water and wastewater, having provided its services for water utilities, water pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

The subsidiary has also become a certified regional leader in providing the training on various topics related to water engineering and the operation of water and wastewater facilities.

Engicon O+M continues to work with governments across the region to develop projects and devise unique private sector participation models that are sustainable and scalable, not only in water, but also in other sectors.

There’s a point in every company’s lifecycle when the diversity of resources and the injection of new expertise becomes a necessary step for expanding and injecting fresh expertise. This was realized in early 2015, when Engicon acquired a stake in Praxis, forming a new partnership. The move further enhanced Engicon’s portfolio of services within Jordan and across the MENA region.

Praxis’s own success has emerged from designing sophisticated and landmark projects in the MENA region. The partnership emphasizes experimentation, research, and intellectual rigor, as the driving force behind projects. Praxis’s passion for design distinguishes their work. Combining our expertise and theirs enabled us to attract and undertake more challenging and complex projects.

This partnership has allowed us to advance our architectural services and expand our market, realizing profound synergy.

We believe the union of resources has resulted in the creation of a complete solution powerhouse with optimal capacity for competing at a global scale.