Our colleagues Sawsan Btoush and Alaa Mahmoud attended the FIDIC Global Infrastructure Conference in Geneva, Switzerland last month.

Sawsan and Alaa, along with their peers in the Future Leaders Fellowship, prepared a presentation for the conference discussing how businesses can measure and monitor matters related to the environment and the health and wellbeing of their employees.

“It was absolutely a great opportunity to network and meet up with colleagues from around the world,” said Sawsan. Alaa added that participating in the conference provided a great example of good coordination, teamwork, time management, networking, and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The FIDIC Global Infrastructure Conference is an annual conference held in different cities around the world with the goal of talking about various topics within the infrastructure industry. This year’s conference was held in Geneva with the theme of “Building a better tomorrow, by investing today: Sustainable infrastructure development to improve community wellbeing”. The main aim is to focus on how to engineer a sustainable future to benefit communities worldwide.