Engicon’s Management Engineering Services Contract II (MESC II) project team recently participated in the 6th Arab Water Week (AWW), alongside more than 500 delegates from 35 countries. The three-day event, titled "Towards Agile and Smart Water Utilities," provided a platform for water management professionals, experts, private sector stakeholders, and institutions to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences related to several topics of concern in the sector.

During the event, MESC II’s team presented the progress and achievements of their work on reducing non-revenue water in Amman for the USAID contract being implemented by Engicon. The project aims to reduce water loss through the upgrade of physical infrastructure. Our team of experts shared valuable insights and lessons learned, as well as the future perspectives of leveraging data for improved water management in the region.

The 6th AWW was a valuable opportunity to connect with senior decision-makers from public and private sectors, water and wastewater utilities, water ministries and authorities, environmental agencies and ministries, municipalities, utility operators, private sector companies, consultants, and educational institutions from across the region and beyond.