The First Shops Company recently announced the successful completion of works for the Fountain Mall in the port city of Aqaba in southern Jordan. This groundbreaking project marks the city's first integrated commercial complex of its kind and is considered a premier hub for entertainment and hospitality in the vibrant city.

Engicon and its sister company @Praxis worked on the project’s complete planning, architectural and electromechanical works, as well as construction supervision. Branded “Fountain Commercial and Entertainment Complex”, the 17,700 sqm structure offers unique entertainment and shopping spaces to locals and tourists.

The goal of the interior architecture challenge was to design attractive and intelligent spaces that would provide visitors with a remarkable experience and encourage them to visit frequently. The spatial and logistical elements of the structure were carefully planned and designed to ensure efficient and convenient access for parking, buses, and product handling.

The site features a dancing fountain, luxurious retail shops, entertainment spaces, a hypermarket, playground areas, as well as food and beverage outlets, and a business center.

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