Saudi Arabia has been actively diversifying its economic resources away from oil industries through its national strategy Vision 2030. Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited is one of the companies assigned a lead position in this strategy.

Parsons’s involvement in Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) includes adapting into prototypical designs 28 industrial sites to extend their service lifespans. Engicon was contracted this part of the project in 2019. The project required the adaptation of buildings, landscape, roads, wet and dry utilities in these industrial cities

Furthermore, the project encompassed a range of complex planning and architectural design works for buildings and infrastructure. This work translated to remodeling the structures and upgrading infrastructure to optimize industrial functionality at the industrial zones. The job was organized into 5 packages, each of which had 5 to 6 sites, based on the client’s recommendations and the available data.

Work included mechanical and electrical, roads, storm water networks, and potable water, as well as firefighting, sewer, electrical networks, street lighting, telecommunication and landscaping. Engicon also supplied detailed design tender documents for each of the sites. 


Services Provided:

  • Architectural Design
  • Development Strategy
  • Integrated Building Design
  • Master Planning
  • Environmental Policy Planning and Development of Environmental Policy Frame-works
  • Waste Management
  • Traffic Engineering and Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Sustainable Developmen