The growth of Jordan’s capital city Amman, which is projected to reach a population 6.4 million in 2025, has outpaced the government’s ability to deliver on its earlier urban planning strategies. This has introduced various problems in traffic, logistics and general urban planning. These issues have become the focus of new and more informed initiatives by the city’s government.

One of the more recent projects is the Smart City Roadmap and Traffic Monitoring Platform (Roadmap) project adopted by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM). The Roadmap establishes policy priorities; develops a smart-city technology strategy, and hatches an investment plan that would accomplish optimal results in the short, medium and long terms.

In 2020, Engicon was engaged in this project by CDM Smith, a US-based engineering and construction company. Two main objectives were set for this project. One, is to provide GAM with a strategic plan to inform smart city services development and investment priorities over time (the Roadmap). The Roadmap will examine GAM’s current smart city resources and policy priorities and propose services, applications, technical solutions, citizen engagement approaches, business models and financing strategies to achieve the city’s objectives.

The other objective is to develop a traffic monitoring system to surveil traffic conditions in real time, utilizing data-driven performance measurements. The system improves mechanisms for traffic violation collections and introduces new applications and related traffic management services.

This project will culminate with the preparation of the ‘technical description’ for a procurement process, to be led by GAM. It leverages implementation financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) or other investment sources. The outcome of the Roadmap shall be published in a report and public workshop aimed at galvanizing and directing action.


Services Provided:

  • Smart Cities
  • Development Strategy
  • Policy Studies and Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainable Development