The World Bank MENA Transport team is undertaking analytical work to understand the impact of deficiencies in the public transit systems on women’s mobility patterns and their socioeconomic empowerment. Transportation has a major role in influencing women’s participation in the labour force, as their experience with transport systems differs from those of men, particularly when it relates to accessibility, affordability, and acceptability of transport.

The aim of this project was to collect data and information in Greater Amman Municipality and neighbouring cities in Jordan on the geographic layout of the transit network and frequency of service fares, audit specific public transit locations, and surrounding areas, and understand the mobility needs, barriers and employment status of women and men and any other relevant demographic information through intercept surveys.

Engicon worked closely with WhereIsMyTransport, a leading mobility technology company and the main source of complete public transport data for emerging metropolises in South Africa, to collect the required data. Our team, consisting of 17 data collectors, 2 team leads, 2 data controllers, and 3 data processors, alongside the field team manager, worked on the collection of public transportation network data which included: public transport routes, agency, fares, calendar, frequency of service, stops locations, trips, transfers, accessibility at stops and all relevant information. Engicon also audited public transit locations and surrounding areas to identify barriers to mobility with a focus on women’s experience in transit. The surveys included the assessment of lighting, walkability, openness, visibility, presence of security, crowdedness, and percentages of public transport share through a gendered lens. 2000 Intercept surveys were also collected, in which the sample participants were selected to be representative of the population using public transit to what end the share of male and female respondents was 50-50.

Services provided:

  • Project and team management
  • Route mapping, hub surveys, and safety audits
  • Survey data analysis and route data validation
  • Route and network processing
  • Data maintenance