To ensure future uninterrupted water supplies in Jordan, where resources are extremely scarce, government needs to constantly be innovative in technical and administrative thinking.

Engicon’s long and proven innovative engineering and management expertise in water has helped the company score high profile projects in Jordan. Building upon its successful achievements in MESC I, implemented between 2015 and 2020; Engicon has now also scored MESC II, a continuation project slated for a period from 2020 to 2023, including two optional years.

MESC II is a collaboration with AECOM and Competitive Advantage Consulting Ltd. Its scope is greater than MESC’s phase I, as it now covers all of Jordan’s water utilities, within the USAID’s Fixed Amount Reimbursable Agreement (FARA) fund.

This bigger project has two components; one is the delivery of technical assistance for non-revenue water (NRW) construction works; the other is to provide water utilities with administration assistance.

The services provided by Engicon’s team include FARA management and construction supervision; NRW reduction technical assistance; and engineering services, tendering and contracting support. Each of these interventions is further divided into tasks dedicated to each water utility.

Two more overlapped sections included to the scope; gender mainstreaming and communication and outreach.  MESC II also aims to improve understanding and consideration in gender-related matters at Jordan’s water utilities, further enhance gender equality and female empowerment. Communication and outreach aims to provide capacity building and support for water utilities to improve their interaction with their stakeholders, whether with the public or within the water sector.


Services Provided:

  • Development Strategy
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Policy Studies and Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capacity Building
  • Sustainable Development
  • Tender Documents