The project concerns the construction of a closed water carrier (pipeline) to deliver blended water from Telal El Thahab weir, 12.5 km downstream of King Talal Dam, to turn out of the King Abdullah Canal (KAC). This pipeline, with an estimated length of 39km, will replace (either fully or partially) a section of the Southern KAC, the main water carrier of irrigation water in the area, with the aim of reducing the water losses associated with the canal. The conveyed water will be used to either directly feed pipelines distributing water to the farms in lower laying areas by gravity or be pumped to provide water for farms in higher areas of the Middle Ghor.

It is anticipated that the construction of a closed system will reduce losses through illegal and unmonitored abstractions from the KAC as well as losses through seepage and evaporation. These savings would then permit the reallocation of fresh water flowing in the north section of the KAC to domestic water uses in urban centers such as Amman and Irbid. It is noted that the purpose of the project is not to increase the irrigated areas but to free up freshwater resources from the Northern KAC currently used for irrigation whilst maintaining the current level of irrigation water supply.

Services Provided:

  • Conceptual Study, covering the review of existing studies and the establishment of the baseline conditions including the flow, losses, legal, financial, institutional, and environmental legislations, and the recommended measures.
  • Feasibility Study, Covering the preliminary engineering design, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, and the financial and economic analysis of selected alternatives as well as the topographic survey and investigations.
  • Detailed Design. Following the conclusion of the feasibility study, the preferred option for the water carrier will be developed to a level that is ready for construction.